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The Lake 8

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Shaping The Essence Of The Lake 8

As creative minds, our engagement in "The Lake 8" project extends far beyond conventional advertising. We've laid the foundational pillars of the business, crafting everything from the initial concept to the brand identity and strategic framework.


We've meticulously shaped every aspect, from the architecture to the business plan. Our commitment to excellence drives us to go above and beyond, consistently delivering cutting-edge concepts that resonate deeply and captivate our clients.

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The Lake 8 Vision

Taking cues from San Pablo City's seven stunning lakes, The Lake 8 emerges as a groundbreaking outdoor entertainment venue, seamlessly merging nature's allure with contemporary aesthetics. Spanning approximately 2 hectares (2,000 square meters) of meticulously designed space, this landmark luxury and leisure development in San Pablo City uniquely combines modern amenities and natural beauty.


At its heart lies a large '8'-shaped swimming pool, simulating a seaside environment, surrounded by strategically positioned retail stores. The layout includes expansive open areas, ample parking, user-friendly walkways, and comfortable seating zones. Additionally, versatile management and storage spaces, an animated show stage, and artistically landscaped areas enhance the experience. These elements are seamlessly integrated to offer an indulgent, nature-aligned experience that celebrates the charm of San Pablo City's seven stunning lakes.

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Fun in the Wild!


The inspiration for this logo design comes from the natural beauty of water and its role in our environment. The fluidity of a lake, its calm surface, and how it reflects its surroundings served as critical motivators. "8" symbolizes continuity, balance, and harmony, while water suggests renewal and energy. Combining these elements, the design draws from natural and geometric influences, merging the predictable with the unpredictable to create a unique aesthetic.


The design centers around the number "8" made from flowing water, with a wave-like pattern emphasizing motion and dynamism. The shape of the "8" is smooth and continuous, echoing the natural flow of water while maintaining a sleek, modern look. This design evokes a sense of serenity and balance, suggesting the gentle movement of water while hinting at the infinite possibilities inherent in its cyclic form. Integrating subtle ripples or reflections beneath the "8" adds depth and reinforces the water theme.

Color Scheme:

The color scheme consists of a gradient that transitions from deep blue to vibrant turquoise, mirroring the various shades of water in different environments. These hues evoke calmness and tranquility, contributing to a sense of harmony. The gradient effect provides a dynamic quality to the logo, suggesting movement and change, while the colors symbolize the water's fresh and invigorating aspects. Using these colors creates a visual connection with nature and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the design.


The typography in the logo is clean and modern, complementing the fluidity of the water-based "8." The font is a sleek sans-serif, conveying a contemporary and professional feel. The words "The Lake" are positioned above the number "8," with a slightly bolder typeface to give prominence to the numerical element. The typography's simplicity aligns with the minimalist design approach, ensuring the text is straightforward to read while maintaining a cohesive look with the rest of the logo.

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Architectural Elegance

Poised to become a standout landmark in San Pablo City, The Lake 8’s architecture is envisioned to captivate onlookers, even from above. Its design is a testament to both style and substance, setting a new standard in leisure destinations.


Centrepiece Attraction

The heart of The Lake 8 is the '8'-shaped swimming pool, an emblem of uniqueness. This pool transcends the ordinary, simulating a seaside ambiance with salted water, soft sand, artificial waves, and a rich array of marine life, including fishes and turtles, combining the serenity of a lake with the vibrancy of the sea.



Surrounding Amenities

The pool is encircled by 12 elegantly placed rental stores amidst a verdant landscape, offering diverse seating arrangements with adequate shading to cater to visitor preferences, thereby enhancing the overall visitor experience.


Digital Engagement

Strategically positioned digital screens throughout The Lake 8 amplify visitor interaction, offering a blend of entertainment and dynamic advertising possibilities.

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Event and Fashion Runway

Integrated within the pool layout is a multifunctional runway, perfect for fashion shows and special events like weddings. This space also accommodates extra seating to facilitate everyday business for the rental stores.


All-Weather Appeal

Designed to be an alluring destination throughout the year, The Lake 8 ensures visitor comfort and engagement, regardless of the season.



Artistic and Cultural Hub

A dedicated art space will be provided free of charge for artists to showcase their talents, contributing to the enrichment of local talent, expanding the community's cultural horizons, and continuously rejuvenating the aesthetic appeal of The Lake 8.


Automotive Enthusiasts’ Haven

The project includes a specially designed parking area for cars and motorcycles, complemented by a niche shopping gallery for automotive parts and accessories, catering to the interests of automotive enthusiasts.

The Lake 8 Vision

This is the hidden gem where nature and community intertwine. Families gather on its shores, friends laugh under swaying trees, and adventure awaits around every corner. From tranquil nature walks to thrilling water sports, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this timeless haven. Welcome to The Lake 8, where memories are made and magic awaits.

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Fun in the Wild!
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