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TECH LAND's story begins with the little Leo; Leo was fascinated by the advanced cybernetic systems from an early age. Leo was always dreaming about creating a safe technological place where all kids could learn and play. Through the years, Leo built a hundred AR and VR attractive games, and today he is about to share his creations with the universe at the TECH LAND.

I have built for Leo a joyful logo for his TECH LAND, a unique combination logo of symbol and lettermark


I used the abstract style with the letters T and L to create deep meaning and a flexible iconic symbol like no other.



The light baby blue is a calming color that represents intelligence and responsibility. And it’s a great choice to appeal to both males and females.



A  playfulness light yellow to connect with a young audience and promote energy and activity.



The grey is used for font color, headers, and graphics to contrast against white and yellow spaces.

The output is magnificent, a unique logo from meaning to design and alignment.

The TECH LAND symbol has been smartly designed to maintain the rotating look and feel, giving the brand symbol a unique signature.

The TECH LAND branding elements and colors of signature wear look gorgeous, and attractive, which gives the materials a unique play look and feel.

At TECH LAND, everything is about user experience. So, to keep the players focused and enjoying their games, I have created a smart shoe designed especially for VR players to ensure their stability and safety while playing their favorite games. The bottom texture was designed for handling the body preacher with a gentle friction on the surfaces the shoe bottom contained a microchip that gives the player a light vibration on crossing the game zone.

Stabilization point

Pressure absorber points

Microchip placement


Who doesn't love gift items? Especially when the brand gift looks trendy and outfits unisex.


A gaming chair inspired by the shape of the TECH LAND logo symbol creates a comfortable chair that gives the players a healthy sitting position.

VR KIDS2-01.jpg


VR KIDS-01.jpg


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